North Judson Town Board Adopts Budget After Public Hearing

The North Judson Town Board this week held their budget adoption hearing, and according to Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry, only one member of the public was present and no comments were made. The board adopted the budget and signed a resolution to that effect, allowing the board to proceed with the next step: submitting the budget to the Department of Local Government Finance for review.

In addition, Henry said the town is still working on the new town garage and salt shed and are now acquiring quotes for the cement floor to be laid in the salt shed as per state code. She said the deadline for quotes will be noon on Thursday, and the council will then hold a special meeting Friday morning at 8 a.m. to review the quotes in a public meeting.

For the town garage, she said, the town is still acquiring signatures as needed to confirm the town is in need of a new garage. Although they only needed 50 signatures, Henry said they continue to collect signatures despite already meeting that quota. Soon, she said the signatures will be submitted to the DLGF and the town will then be ready to proceed with the work, hopefully within the next month or two.