Oregon-Davis School Board Adopts Budget

Greg Briles
Greg Briles
The Oregon-Davis School Board met in a special session Monday night where the board members approved the 2014 budget. The budget includes the general fund, three-year capital projects plan, the transportation plan and other funds.

Oregon-Davis Interim Superintendent Greg Briles said the budget will now be sent to the Department of Local Government Finance where it will be reviewed. The budget will come back with no changes or cuts that need to be made.

Briles said the budget will also come back with tax rates and those rates will be put within reason without raising taxes. He said the corporation will maintain what they have been doing in the past few years and keep providing what they can for the staff at the corporation.

The board also approved a motion to seek quotes on the certificate of deposit. The treasurer is calling different rates and the board has given permission to approve the banking institution with the highest possible rate.