Plymouth River Park Square Plan Moving Forward

The City of Plymouth is turning a portion of the downtown area into a park. The River Park Square will be a nice place for the family to enjoy a little quiet space in the city.

Plymouth Park and Recreation Department Superintendent Michael Hite said the park is located right in the heart of the city.

“It is a project that’s being developed at the intersection of Garro and Water Streets. It was a long-time location of G&G Supermarket and Harvey Mart,” said Hite.

Hite said it’s an area prone to flooding, but the design of the project will be perfect for the area.

“Of course we’ve got a lot of green space. We couldn’t put too many buildings there, but we’ll have a restroom down there. Mainly, if it does flood, the flood waters will go over. It will take some cleaning up, but it should not damage anything a great deal.”

The project, which was brought forward by the Redevelopment Commission with the approval of Mayor Mark Senter, is in its first phase right now, but it’s a little behind schedule. Hite noted that the project should be complete by the time the hometown Christmas tree lighting celebration occurs the Friday after Thanksgiving as the town’s Christmas tree will be located in the new park.

When in season, the Farmer’s Market will be a mainstay in the park. Walking paths will be featured as well as a community garden, picnic shelter, playground, a gazebo and plenty of green space.

For a look at the plans for the park, click here.