Pulaski County Surveyor Not in Favor of Move


Pulaski County Surveyor Jenny Keller appeared before the commissioners Monday night to discuss the move to the highway garage.

Keller told WKVI that she wanted the commissioners to know her feelings and the feelings of those in the office about the idea of moving from their space in the courthouse out to the county highway garage. She is not in favor of the move and had expressed that opinion to the commissioners in previous talks on the issue.

Keller was not in attendance at the last commissioner’s meeting when the decision was made to move the assessor’s office into the surveyor’s office and the surveyor’s office to the highway garage.

While Keller understands that the assessor’s office is cramped and needs more space, she believes it would be a great hindrance to move her entire office out to the highway garage. It would also inconvenience taxpayers.

Keller posed questions to the commissioners as to whether or not the plot books and the ditch books could be removed from the courthouse. A vault is utilized in the office for important documents and asked if another could be installed in the new space for the same use.

Keller stated she presented a list of reasons why she didn’t want to move the office and the commissioners told her that if she could research other solutions she could present those to the three-member board at a future meeting.

In the meantime, estimates are being gathered to renovate the highway department to accommodate the move of the surveyor’s office to the highway department.