Pulaski Zoning Ordinance May Soon Be Revised

The Pulaski County Advisory Plan Commission has an ongoing discussion in the works regarding the county’s zoning ordinance and some obvious changes that need made in conjunction with previously established zoning ordinances in Winamac and Francesville. David Weber, secretary for the plan commission and board of zoning appeals, told WKVI that the commission has been discussing for the last several months how to revise or amend the county’s zoning ordinance, as it’s becoming apparent that changes need made to ensure the ordinances for the county, Winamac and Francesville work together with no issues.

Weber explained that David Bennett, the advisory plan commission president, has had conversations with officials for Winamac and Francesville to see if they want to join in the process of updating the ordinance to ensure cooperation. However, nothing has been changed or finalized, and the conversation is still premature. He said the county is still waiting for a definite answer from officials of the towns as to whether or not they want to join in the process and share some of the expense.

Once that question has been answered, the county can proceed with finding a consultant to help revise the ordinance. Weber said the county must also find out how many parties will be involved in the process and identify parts of zoning ordinance that must be revised or amended.

The discussion continues, and the advisory plan commission will discuss the matter at their next meeting on Nov. 25.