Scammers Using Affordable Care Act to Swindle Money

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the Affordable Care Act and scammers are making it even more confusing.

Scammers are exploiting the ACA as a way to fool you into sharing your personal information.

Here is how the scam works: a caller claims to be from the federal government. That “representative” will inform you that you’ve been selected to receive insurance cards through the new Affordable Care Act, but before you can receive the cards you must provide your bank’s routing number and your account number. Plus, they could ask for your Social Security number, Medicare ID or other personal information.

The Better Business Bureau has received numerous complaints about these calls and sharing personal information with a scammer puts you at risk for identity theft.

BBB officials urge you to be cautious with your identity. If you’re unsure of what the caller is attempting to sell you or you are leery of the questions that person is asking, especially when regarding personal information, hang up on that caller. Government agencies normally communicate through the mail, so be cautious of calls, text messages or emails.

If you would like credible information about the Affordable Care Act, you may research information online at To report a scam or sign up for Better Business Bureau Scam Alerts, go to