Starke County Commissioners Award Jail Construction Bids

This building on SR 8 at CR 550 E will soon house the new Starke County Jail.
This building on SR 8 at CR 550 E will soon house the new Starke County Jail.

The bids awarded for construction of the new Starke County Jail east of Knox on State Road 8 total $13.1 million. That cost includes the base bid and two of the key alternates that were contingent on funds being available. The first alternate adds 36 beds to the initial proposal for a total of 145 beds. The second alternate includes the relocation of the county’s E-911 service to the new facility.

The county commissioners stress these construction costs represent a maximum amount, as discussions are ongoing between the project design and engineering firm, county officials and the contractors about ways to further reduce costs. One example cited during the meeting was using a less expensive type of ceiling material that is still adequate to meet the county’s needs.

The county will still sell $14 million worth of fixed-interest rate bonds to finance the project. That interest rate will be set later this week prior to the scheduled Oct. 29 sale. The money left over from the construction can be used to renovate the existing jail building for another use by the county. It can also be put toward equipment for the new facility. A groundbreaking ceremony for the Starke County Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center is scheduled Thursday, Nov. 7 from 10 until 11 a.m. at the building site. Construction will start the following week and is scheduled to wrap up in the spring of 2015.

Click the link below for detailed information about the bids awarded by the Starke County Commissioners and Starke County Building Corporation:

Jail Bids