Starke County Council Approves Funds Transfer to Feed Inmates


The Starke County Council approved a transfer of $15,000 to cover the cost of feeding inmates in the county jail through the end of the year. Matron Chris Smith says the county provides no-frills meals that are compliant with the state’s nutritional guidelines at a cost of 92-cents per-inmate, per-day. Breakfast is oatmeal or cereal and toast, and lunch is either a peanut butter and jelly or a lunchmeat sandwich. Sheriff’s department officials say the shortfall is closer to $10,000, but they’re asking for extra money just in case. Anything they don’t use will go back into the county’s rainy day fund at the end of the year. They add the cost of inmate meals is comparable with that of surrounding counties. Additionally the inmates like the food, which in turn means fewer fights and complaints.