State Superintendent Files Lawsuit Against State Board of Education


Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz has filed a lawsuit against the members of the State Board of Education.

The lawsuit alleges that the members of the state board violated the state’s Open Door Law by taking action in secret by drafting, or directing the drafting of, a letter sent to President Pro Tempore Long and Speaker Brian Bosma on Oct. 16.

The suit alleges that the State Board requested that Senator Long and Speaker Bosma appoint Indiana’s Legislative Services Agency to perform the actions necessary to determine the A-F grades for Indiana schools. In addition, it is alleged that no public notice was made of this meeting that allowed for this action and that Superintendent Ritz was not made aware of this action until after it was taken.

The suit Ritz v. Elsener was filed in Marion Circuit Court.

Governor Mike Pence’s office responded to the announcement of the lawsuit stating, “Governor Pence strongly supports the actions taken by the bipartisan membership of the State Board of Education to ensure the timely completion of last year’s A-F school accountability grades. The Governor is confident that all relevant Indiana laws were followed. Because teachers and schools depend on these letter grades for salary increases, performance bonuses and federal funding, the Governor will continue to work in good faith with the State Board of Education and the Indiana Department of Education to get the job done for our schools and our kids.”