Thousands of Sandhill Cranes to Descend Upon the Area Soon

Sandhill Crane
Sandhill Crane
It’s that time of year again – the sandhill cranes are migrating and soon, thousands of cranes will descend upon the Jasper-Pulaski Fish & Wildlife Area, prompting some 30,000 people to visit the area and witness the migration. Jim Bergens, property manager, told WKVI that throughout the migration season, tens of thousands of people visit Jasper-Pulaski to witness the more than 40,000 cranes that migrate during this time of the year.

Bergens said the peak population is around 16,000 sandhill cranes and the best time to visit the area to see the birds firsthand is two to four hours before sunset or shortly after sunrise. The migration really picks up in late October through the end of the year, peaking in late November or early December.

He said he doesn’t expect this year’s migration to be any different from other years and encourages anyone interested to stop by Jasper-Pulaski and sign in at the self-service desk, writing down the activity of “crane watching,” before traveling to the observation area about a quarter-mile from the headquarters.

There is no cost to view the cranes, Bergens said. For more information, visit