Uniform Policy for Knox City Wastewater Workers to Change

Knox City Council
Knox City Council

The Knox Wastewater Superintendent provided the city council with a proposed uniform change.

The workers at the wastewater treatment facility are among contaminants and a host of bacteria while on the job. Those materials get on their clothes and the workers proceed to wear those clothes home to their families and into stores when running errands which is not the healthiest option.

Superintendent Kelly Clemons asked the council if it would be feasible to change the policy in which the city ceases the use of a uniform service and purchase uniforms for four employees. The uniforms would include boots, seven shirts, seven pairs of pants, sweatshirts, light jackets and a heavy jacket. The items would be purchased locally with the addition of the safety marking and the City of Knox emblem. The cost is expected to be upwards of $600 per employee per year.

Also requested was the purchase of a commercial-grade washer and dryer to be installed at the wastewater treatment facility so soiled uniforms could be cleaned at the plant. The thought is to change clothes in the locker rooms there and leave all soiled clothing at the plant with each employee responsible for maintaining their uniforms. Personal vehicles wouldn’t be contaminated with bacteria and it wouldn’t be around family members or members of the public.

No formal action was taken by the council, but all council members were in favor of the request. The change would also save $2,290 per year in the wastewater budget.