West Central Submits Application for Secured School Safety Grant

West Central School Superintendent Charles Mellon
West Central School Superintendent Charles Mellon
The West Central School Board was notified during their meeting last week that the application for the Secured School Safety Grant.

Superintendent Charles Mellon commented that Safety Director Chuck Evans did the work on the grant which was sent to the School Security Commission in Pulaski County.

“What we’re choosing to do with that grant is secure our front doors,” Mellon explained. “Right now in the buildings we have all of our doors locked but there is access through the front door. We have a sign for people to report to the office first – some do, some don’t. With this, there will be a camera and intercom system where people will have to communicate with the office before the door is opened. This will add a little more security to each of the buildings.”

The corporation should know by Nov. 1 if it is a recipient of a $35,000 grant.