Winamac Coil Spring Needs New Transformer for Expansion

Winamac Coil SpringThe town of Winamac recently reviewed a quote regarding a new factory that’s looking to expand in Winamac and is in need of electric service. Town Manager Jim Conner explained the work should take place within the next few weeks – an “exciting” prospect, he said.

Winamac Coil Spring company is seeking electric service to expand in Winamac, and Conner said the quote came in around $74,815. Some of that, he said, will be the town’s expense, and the remaining portion will be covered by the company itself.

Conner said the cost is for a new transformer, as the current one isn’t large enough to serve the company’s estimated load. As a result, a new primary feed will also need to be installed, and a fee will be charged to connect existing service to the new transfer. Conner said the work itself should take roughly a week.