Blockbuster Shutting Down, Knox Store Not Affected

Dish Network is closing the doors on about 300 of its Blockbuster locations in the country and that will occur in January. Fifty franchised stores will remain open including the Knox store.

As part of the process, Blockbuster’s DVD-by-mail service is also shutting down next month.

About 2,800 people who work in Blockbuster’s stores and DVD distribution centers will lose their jobs.

Dish Network officials cite the popularity of Netflix’s DVD-by-mail service and the introduction of a subscription service that streams video on the internet as the reason for the closure. The company’s success has minted Netflix with a market value of $20 billion.

Blockbuster ended up in bankruptcy court in 2010 and Dish Network purchased the company for $234 million in 2011 as an attempt to rival Netflix. The company realized that they just couldn’t make it work and closed down several thousand stores.

A spokesperson at the Knox Blockbuster franchise told WKVI that the Knox store is independently owned and will remain open.