Boa Shores Issue Raised at Starke Commissioners Meeting

A Boa Shores resident approached the Starke County Commissioners at their meeting this week with a complaint against a fellow resident of Boa Shores. Guy Tardi told the commissioners that another resident has been claiming the “Boa Shores park,” an area technically part of the county right-of-way, as his own private property, preventing residents from using it for picnics and other events.

Tardi explained that the residents have been taking care of the area for many years and they occasionally use it for picnics and other events. However, he said a nearby resident has taken an issue with people turning around and parking in that area near his home, and is claiming that it’s his property and ordering people to leave.

Commissioner Kathy Norem said neighborliness is a difficult thing to regulate, but she said he could bring the issue up at the next Bass Lake Property Owners Association meeting and announce that it is public property. County Attorney Martin Lucas emphasized that while it is technically public property, residents are prohibited from blocking someone’s driveway.