Community Services of Starke County Has List of Families in Need This Holiday Season

Community Services of Starke County
Community Services of Starke County

The holidays are coming up quickly and if you’re looking to pay it forward and help a family in need, Community Services of Starke County may be able to help you.

Director Joan Haugh said she hopes Community Services can be the main place to gather names of families to help this season. She explained that some families contacted several agencies and received help while others didn’t receive any help.

“We started doing what’s called Christmas Coordination and we meet with Toys for Kids, St. Vincent De Paul Society, churches, the North Judson library, and our agency, just to compare the names so if they sign up at two or three different places, we will decide which agency will help them that year,” said Haugh.

Haugh stressed that Community Services does not assemble food baskets or have toy drives, they just want to help coordinate names of families so every family is treated equally.

“If anyone out in the community wants to help a family, let me know and I can look up to see if they have been helped already or haven’t been helped. We have a volunteer, Lori Dunning, who is helping me track all of this and it has really helped out in years past.”

Call Community Services of Starke County for assistance at (574) 772-7070.