Culver School Board May Announce New Superintendent Today

Culver Community School Superintendent Brad Schuldt
Culver Community School Superintendent Brad Schuldt
The Culver Community School Board is scheduled to consider the contract for the corporation’s new superintendent to replace Brad Schuldt, who has announced he will be leaving the corporation at the end of the year. Board President Ryan Sieber explained that the board has gone through the application and interview processes, and held a public input meeting on Nov. 18 regarding the contract that has been offered and publicized.

Sieber said the board will vote on the contract today during their regularly scheduled meeting, and he said it’s likely that the new superintendent’s name will be announced at that time.

Sieber said there are no major differences between Schuldt’s contract and this new superintendent contract, but a few changes were necessary to get the contract up-to-date. Schuldt’s contract, Sieber explained, included a grandfathered deal regarding annuities, and this new contract scratches that.

Sieber said the board feels very fortunate with the quality of the applicants that came forth, and they have narrowed it down to three possibilities.

The new superintendent would take over the position on Jan. 2.