Don’t Become a Victim of Theft This Holiday Season

The LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department wants you to keep your home safe from burglaries and vandalism this holiday season.

Thieves are aware that many people go out of town for the holidays and take advantage of the opportunity to break into an empty home.

If you do leave your home, secure all doors and windows, use automatic timers on lights, have a neighbor check on your home, and record all serial numbers for all valuables and keep the list of numbers hidden. Stop mail or newspaper delivery if you are going to be away for an extended amount of time.

Break down boxes that once held items that you have purchased that were rather expensive, like a flat screen TV. A big box that you may set out on the curb for waste haulers to remove is an advertisement of this item and it is noted by thieves.

LaPorte officials note that having all serial numbers to all electronics, weapons and other valuables greatly increases the probability of solving your case.

Report all suspicious activity to law enforcement.