Gas Leak at LaCrosse Schools Causes Evacuation

A gas leak at the LaCrosse School Corporation caused varsity and junior varsity volleyball games against West Central to be postponed until Thursday night. Superintendent Tim Summers told WKVI that the gas leak was caused by an unmarked gas line that was struck while crews were working on putting in a new parking lot.

Summers said officials quickly turned off the main gas line and evacuated the building after striking the line, and while the damaged line has not yet been repaired, he expects that to be done early this morning. He said it is likely the school will undergo a two-hour delay.

The corporation is in the process of putting in a new parking lot and the crew had encountered old concrete. Summers said when they tried to dig under the old concrete, they struck the unmarked gas line, causing the leak around 2:40 p.m. yesterday afternoon, shortly before school was to be let out. The students were evacuated and released from school early.

NIPSCO officials soon arrived on the scene and found the source of the leak, advising that it be patched as soon as possible.

The postponed games will take place Thursday night at LaCrosse.