Gov. Mike Pence Presents Grant Funds to Knox School Officials

A year after being elected, Gov. Mike Pence paid a visit to Knox High School to announce the distribution of funds aimed at keeping students across Indiana safe.

“The Knox Community School Corporation has been awarded a grant for $50,000. This is the maximum allowable grant. It represents strong leadership in the corporation, and a real commitment by this community to make sure our schools are about learning and create a safe environment for our kids,” said Pence.

Statewide, 241 Indiana schools are sharing in $9 million worth of Secured Schools Safety Grant dollars allocated by the General Assembly. Pence says the grants are structured to allow schools to address needs in their communities.

“The grant I’m told will be used for, I’m told, an electronic entrance system to limit access to buildings. The entrance system will allow the corporation to contact law enforcement in case unwanted or trespassing individuals make their way onto school property. Surveillance cameras will also be installed at Knox Middle School and will create a system that is compatible across the entire school system. The surveillance feed on the system can be shared with law enforcement officials and emergency responders and others off site when necessary,” Pence said.

Pence says the security measures represent strong and thoughtful leadership by leaders in the Knox

“These will aid this corporation in writing and executing future safety plans. Safety officials will be able to identify high traffic areas and times that are called for increase scrutiny and security. By better being able to observe the inner school buildings, Knox Community School Corporation as a whole, I believe, will be safer,” Pence explained.

Knox Superintendent A.J. Gappa says the corporation looked at the best ways to maximize the grant dollars when submitting the application. Pence encourages school corporations who have not applied for Secured Schools Safety Grants to do so.

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