Habitat for Humanity Seeking Partner Families

Local Habitat for Humanity organizations are seeking applications from prospective partner families who wish to apply for the next Habitat for Humanity home. Dean Byers with Marshall County Habitat for Humanity told WKVI that applicants must have a housing need and adequate income to make a mortgage payment, but that’s not all; they must also be willing to partner with the organization and help construct the home as well.

Byers said there is an application process involved, including a visit with the applicant family.

“We go through a application process and they have to have fairly good credit. We do credit reports, and then we do a family visit – the committee does, and then they make a determination after all the information is gathered,” Byers explained.

He said applicants must earn no more than 60 percent of the median income for their county; in this case, Byer said a family of three in Marshall County could earn no more than $30,000 in order to qualify. Marshall County Habitat for Humanity is currently building a home for Alicia Sellers, and the applicant would have to put in what Byers calls “sweat equity,” that is, the applicant would have to put 100 hours into the construction of Sellers’ house before their own home begins construction. Following that, they must work for at least 200 hours on their own Habitat home.

Byers said this gives families an opportunity they might otherwise never have.

“It’s an opportunity for homeownership for families that probably could never even consider and it’s a hand up, not a hand out,” Byers said.

For Marshall County residents, call (574) 935-4214 or email marshallcountyhabitat@embarqmail.com for an application. Starke or Pulaski county residents can contact (574) 896-2811 or email starkepulaski@sphabitat.org.