Henry F. Schricker Public Library Open; New Wing Opening Dec. 7

Henry F. Schricker Library
Henry F. Schricker Library
After being closed for three days this week, the Henry F. Schricker Public Library in Knox is once again open, though work is still being done. Library Director Sheila Urwiler told WKVI that the children’s department has been moved to the newly constructed wing and the young adult department has been relocated from upstairs to its new area. On top of that, all the books have been put away, some bulletin boards have been put up, and some old furniture that won’t be reused has been disposed of.

Urwiler said everyone is excited about finishing the project and getting ready for the grand opening of the new wing on Dec. 7.

“We’re excited. We’re anticipating a lot of things being moved around, so if people have a hard time finding things, they just need to ask a staff member because a lot of things are going to be in a temporary home that’s different. So just ask if you need help finding anything. But we’re so happy with how the children’s department turned out and we’re really confident that the rest of the library changes will be just as beautiful and just as helpful to people,” said Urwiler.

Urwiler said they’re still waiting on some furniture to be delivered, but other than that, the children’s wing is ready to be used. The area that used to house the children’s department, however, is still undergoing some work, as some electrical rewiring needs performed.

Despite that, the grand opening for the new wing is scheduled for Dec. 7 from 12 to 4 p.m., and Urwiler said they will be celebrating the new areas. Once every last bit of work has been completed and every loose end tied up, Urwiler said they will likely hold an open house.