LaPorte County Metro Operations Unit Investigations Result in Three Arrests


Investigators from the LaPorte County Metro Operations Unit recently arrested three people on drug-related charges. Dayle R. Pace, 27, of LaPorte, is charged with the A felony offense of dealing heroin. She’s being held in lieu of a $100,000 bond and is due to appear in court on Friday. Shane Ransom, 33, of LaPorte, is free on bond after being charged with the felony offense of dealing marijuana. So is Rebecca Johnson, 27, of LaPorte, who also faces a felony charge of dealing in marijuana.

The LaPorte County Metro Operations Task Force is comprised of investigators from the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office and LaPorte Police Department. They are charged with investigating drug activity. Anybody with information about drug activity within their jurisdiction is urged to call them at (219) 325-9022.