LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office Excited About Video Visitation

LaPorte County Sheriff's Department
La Porte County Sheriff’s Office
A level of convenience has been added to visitation at the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office, thanks to the installation of the Securus Video Visitation system. According to a press release from the sheriff’s office, the system allows family, friends and attorneys to schedule and participate in video visitation with inmates from a dedicated video visitation room at the County Complex or from any personal computer that is connected to the Internet, even from their own home.

Since its initiation on Nov. 6, 70 video visitations have taken place as people take advantage of the fact that they no longer have to travel to the jail, waiting in line for visitation. Rather, they can now schedule their visits online and visit remotely whenever it is convenient. On top of that, the new system has allowed the jail staff to expand visitation hours while simultaneously reducing the burden on staff when conducting visitation sessions.

Captain Michael Kellens, the jail commander, said the jail no longer has to use resources escorting the public and inmates to the visitation center – a process that often involved two or three deputies. On top of that, he said the risk of contraband entering the jail is being “virtually eliminated,” because the public will no longer be entering restricted areas.