MADD Urges You to Watch for Impaired Drivers

Local law enforcement and Mothers Against Drunk Driving are asking that you designate a sober driver this holiday season.

National President of MADD Jan Withers encourages you to be safe when celebrating with family and friends this holiday season.

“If I say anything that is so important, it is to plan before you ever leave home,” Withers said. “If your event includes alcohol, decide how you are going to get home with a designated non-drinking driver.”

She adds that it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for others who may be impaired.

“As we’re out, we may see someone who appears that they’ve had too much and they try to drive home after drinking,” she said. “So we also have the opportunity to save a life, perhaps their own or someone else’s, by urging those people to go home with a designated non-drinking driver.”

Law enforcement agencies in Indiana will be increasing road patrols during the holiday season and will be looking for those who are impaired as well as seat belt violators and those speeding.