Marshall County BZA Approves Variance for Power Plant

The Marshall County Board of Zoning Appeals has approved a special use permit for a green energy plant at the corner of Michigan Road and State Road 110.

Zimmerman Energy officials came before the BZA last week to seek approval of the permit to move forward with the project.

Marshall County Plan Director Ralph Booker explained what Zimmerman Energy is proposing for the space.

“This is a 6.0 megawatt power plant,” said Booker. “They’ll be using methane generated by the county line landfill which will be used to run some Caterpillar engines in order to produce electricity which would be sold on the grid.”

Booker added that the project will be beneficial for the community. The energy produced from this plant will provide enough electricity for up to 6,000 homes.

No comments were made during the public hearing for the request for a special use variance on this project. Booker said now the Zimmerman officials have to go through the permitting process.

“They still have several permits that they have to acquire before we can actually give a building permit. They have to get the state’s approval on the construction plans. They also have to obtain a septic permit, and the proper permits from INDOT in order to have a driveway on State Road 110 and a tunnel that will go underneath in which the methane will be going to.”

Once all of that is complete and construction bids are approved, the renewable energy project should take five months to complete. The project will only require two employees to run the plant.