Marshall County Residents Cleaning Up After Storm

Residents continue cleaning up after a line of storms bared down on the Kankakee Valley Sunday night.

Marshall County Emergency Management Agency Director Clyde Avery told WKVI that he’s gotten a few reports from residents who sustained structural damage. He encourages those who have damage to call his office at (574) 936-3740. Federal assistance may be available. Avery stated that the state would have to meet a minimal threshold in order to be eligible for assistance.

You may also report damage online on the Indiana Department of Homeland Security website at The form will be listed in the middle of the page under “Featured Topics.” You can access the form by clicking “report damage from severe weather – Nov. 17.”

Marshall County Highway Superintendent Neal Haeck told the commissioners Monday morning that he replaced six stop signs that had been damaged during the storm and workers were out cleaning up 25 to 30 trees that had fallen and limbs were removed from roadways. He said the majority of the calls came from the Tyner, Culver and Tippecanoe areas.