Medicare Part D Open Enrollment Underway

With yearly open enrollment now underway, Hoosiers with Medicare Part D or an Advantage Plan are being urged to take a fresh look at their coverage. According to AARP spokesman Seth Boffeli, during the enrollment period, it’s important that all beneficiaries review their plans.

“Just take a look at what their coverage is, think about if it’s meeting their needs. See if there might be something that might cost a little less but cover just as much – and make those decisions. So, it’s an important time for seniors,” Boffeli said.

Open enrollment for Medicare drug coverage runs through Dec 7.

Boffeli said the review is important, because it isn’t unusual for prescription plans to change year to year.

“Sometimes, the drugs they cover change or sometimes the pharmacies that are in their network change,” he said. “And so, sometimes a plan that might have been the best deal for your money two or three years ago might have a competitor that offers something better now.”

Boffeli said those who are on Medicare don’t need to do anything regarding the new healthcare exchange, which has caused some confusion with its opening.

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