Nov. 17-23 is Winter Weather Preparedness Week

While we’ve already experienced snow this season, this week is Winter Weather Preparedness Week.

Indiana Department of Transportation officials want you to be safe on the roads and they’re going to do their best in keeping you safe on the roads. Their top priority is snow and ice removal of state highways and workers use all available resources to keep roads open.

The biggest impact to safe winter travel begins and ends with driver behavior. Be prepared. Know the conditions of the roads before you head out, plan extra travel time, clear snow off your vehicle completely before hitting the road, be alert and give other drivers plenty of room, and give INDOT plow crews room to work.

INDOT covers 30,000 lane miles of road statewide. Workers will clear roads by any means necessary including plowing, salting, spraying brine and de-icers. INDOT uses high tech and scientific weather prediction service in partnership with Purdue University and specialized statewide forecasts designed for INDOT.

You can monitor road conditions day or night by visiting