Pace Yourself When It Comes to Consuming Halloween Treats

Now that you have all the candy you can obtain this Halloween, you should pace yourself and only eat a few pieces of candy a day. That’s according to Maggie Rowlands, certified dietary manager at Pulaski Memorial Hospital.

“If some of the candy is just not appropriate, then share with others,” suggests Rowlands. “I would definitely choose fresh fruit instead of candy. One or two pieces a day would be a good limit for the kids. They should brush their teeth before and after eating candy.”

The candy that children collect on Halloween can add up to about 11,000 calories. Sugar candies tend to be lower in calories than chocolate.

It’s hard, but most dietitians recommend stretching out the Halloween loot for several months. Pure chocolate stays good for about two years without causing any real health risks, although the texture changes after 12 months.

Watch for candies that could aggravate a food allergy.