Pulaski Council Approves Transfers for Two Departments

The Pulaski County Council last week approved two transfers requests to help balance books for two departments. Charlene Spence with the Pulaski County Home told the council that she needed to transfer $500 into the petty cash fund from two separate funds due to confusion regarding the purpose of the petty cash account.

Auditor Shelia Garling explained the petty cash account is to be used for emergencies, but county home officials were spending money out of it and sending it through claims. Spence said she thought it would ultimately go back into the fund, but the money was gone and she now needs to balance it back out. On top of that, Spence said she needs to pay back roughly $70 to the food line item from a previous transfer.

The council approved her requests.

Judge Michael Shurn also approved the council with a request to transfer $3000 from the criminal pauper counsel fund to the civil pauper counsel fund. He said this is just moving money from one account to another; there is no additional money required. The council approved his request, as well as a request for $996.98 for computer software and hardware for his court.