Pulaski County Council Approves Additional Funds for Recycling Center

The director of the Pulaski County Recycling Center made an impassioned plea to the county council for additional funds and a transfer of funds in order to keep the center running. Ed Clark told the council that he needed a $2200 transfer into his overtime line item to finish out the year, and on top of that, he was also requesting $40,000 in addition funds in order to “pay the bills.”

Clark said the funds are critical, and without them, he would be hard-pressed to continue operations. He said Commissioner Larry Brady has been working out at the recycling center and knows how badly the department needs the funds, saying, “You have to see it to understand it.”

One councilman said the council spends a lot of time discussing his department, and while it “makes more money than most,” the council still spends a lot of time talking about it because it behooves them to take every dollar the recycling center requests seriously.

The council ultimately passed a motion approving his requests.