Scams Making the Rounds in the Kankakee Valley

There always seems to be a way to swindle you out of your hard-earned money.

1st Source Bank has received calls from concerned residents who have received phone calls that their debit card has been deactivated. The caller then instructs the victim to enter account information to reactivate the card. 1st Source Bank officials remind you that they will not call you, text you or email you asking for your account number, PIN number or password.

Some residents have also received calls from a number with an 876 area code insisting that the victim has registered with Publisher’s Clearing House and that the victim is a winner. In one instance, a local resident received a phone number that Publisher’s Clearing House was coming to her residence to deliver her car and $150,000 in cash. The return phone number had a 876 area code from Jamaica. That person notified the Starke County Sheriff’s Department.

Be careful about releasing personal information to people who claim to represent companies that are recognizable to you. When in doubt, hang up on the caller.