Special Presentation Featured During Knox Community School Board Meeting

A special presentation was featured during the regular meeting of the Knox Community School Board Monday night. High school teacher Taylor White and students in her Family and Consumer Sciences class presented a unique school project.

Principal Dr. Elizabeth Ratliff explained that the students in the high school adult roles class featured two technology projects related to roles that students take that are not only inherited but those they accept.

“What the students were asked to do was highlight a couple of the roles that they take in the community – some that are inherited, as a daughter, as a sister, as a family member, and some of those that are chosen. One of the projects a student reviewed was how she has chosen to work with her faith. The other one could have dealt with their role as an employee or their role in school and academics to really be able to highlight a little bit of themselves.”

The students presented their projects to the board that were completed with iMovie on their school-issued computers in the one-to-one computer initiative.