Starke County Humane Society Receives Lowe’s Volunteer Grant

The Starke County Humane Society will be undergoing renovations for a week beginning today, thanks to a grant from Lowe’s Heroes volunteer program. Suzanne Crider from the Starke County Humane Society said the volunteers in the program will be replacing windows and faucets, and scrubbing, degreasing and repainting the big kennels and floors, and as a result, Crider encourages patrons to call ahead before dropping off any animals.

Crider said anyone wishing to contact the Humane Society can still call, as employees will be present to take care of the animals they currently house.

“We are going to be closing for a week, not permanently, and people can call us, we will still be here taking care of the animals we have, but we are asking that people not bring anything in without calling us first and checking because we are going to be very, very limited on what we can accept for that week,” said Crider.

Crider said the volunteers will be replacing five windows and a couple faucets, and on top of that, they’ll be repainting the kennels and floors in the building. She said this grant came just in time, as the Starke County Humane Society will be celebrating its 23rd anniversary in just a few short weeks.

“It’s going to be phenomenal because we have a very, very limited building budget and to have this much done all at one time for us is just going to be truly a blessing from God. We’ve scraped along and talked about having painting done and then this came up and was truly a blessing that they accepted it and agreed to do it for us and we thank everybody at Lowe’s,” said Crider.

The materials and labor will be supplied free of charge by Lowe’s through their employee volunteer program, and Crider said the Humane Society hopes to hold an open house on Dec. 7.

Material, labor will be supplied by Lowe’s through their Employee Volunteer program.