Starke, Pulaski Commissioners to Meet Today


The commissioners for both Starke and Pulaski counties will meet today to discuss a number of agenda items. The Starke County commissioners meet this morning at 9 a.m. CT while the Pulaski County commissioners will meet at 6 p.m. ET.

The Starke County Commissioners will discuss the Knox city water line extension project for the proposed Starke County Jail project and review a utility vehicle ordinance. The commissioners are expected to hear from Debbie Rykovich and Holly Horan concerning the 2014 county health insurance and receive monthly updates from the EMS and county highway department. Debbie Mix and Gut Tardi will present information about an issue at Boa Shores. The 2014 holiday schedule and the appointment of a county coordinator for the State of Indiana’s Bi-Centennial Celebration will be discussed.

On the agenda for the commissioners of Pulaski County, EMA Director Larry Hoover is expected to approach the board with a proposed ordinance to create a new fund. According to Auditor Shelia Garling, that fund would be used to store money received from selling older military vehicles. She said half of the sale price would go into that fund, with the remaining half sent to the county’s general fund. The new fund, she said, would be used to maintain the EMA department’s vehicle fleet.