Winamac Police Department Investigates Accident

The Winamac Police Department continues to investigate an accident that occurred just after midnight where a vehicle ran into a home at the intersection of State Road 14 west and State Road 35.

When police arrived at the scene two minutes later, officer found that the vehicle struck the home’s foundation at the intersection which caused considerable damage. The passenger car came to rest along a fence.

The driver was not in the vehicle and he was not immediately located. Officers ran the license plate information and went to the driver’s home to question him about the accident. Matthew Ward was not home when officers arrived at his residence, but he arrived a short time later. He reportedly had visible injuries consistent with being in a car accident. He would not talk to police, but he was taken to Pulaski Memorial Hospital due to the nature of his injuries.

Ward, 37, of Winamac was later transported to a Fort Wayne hospital for treatment of his injuries.

The officer in charge of this investigation stated that he believes Ward was the driver of the car as his injuries are consistent to those received in an accident such as this, but the investigation is ongoing. Lab results are pending.