Winamac Seniors Present Policy Proposal to School Board

Dan Foster
Dan Foster

The Eastern Pulaski School Board heard a presentation from a group of seniors who developed a “bring your own device” policy as a class project for the board to consider for second semester.

Superintendent Dan Foster explained that this policy would allow students to bring in their own iPad, laptop, smart phone or technology device for use during the second semester. The seniors felt that they weren’t being treated fairly.

“That is because the freshman in our high school do have iPads. The upperclassmen thought, ‘Hey, wait, this wasn’t fair. They get to bring their iPads to lunch and do all this and we can’t even have our phone,’” said Foster.

Foster said the students did a lot of work and conducted a lot of research for this policy proposal. The school board, Foster and High School Principal Rick DeFries will be meeting with the students to further discuss the policy.

“We’re all in favor of this, but we want to sit down with them and we need to tweak some language on some things. I think in general the support is there so hopefully in December we’ll come back and the board will be able to approve that.”

Foster said the policy would probably only be in effect for the rest of the year as students in grades 9-12 will have iPads next fall.