Winter Weather Approaching; State Police Offer Advice

The first bout of winter weather is approaching, as possible lake effect snow is in the works for this morning. Though it’s unlikely the snow will accumulate to the point of extreme inconvenience or danger, the Indiana Sheriff’s Association suggests the following safety tips to ensure safe travel: check tires, brakes, and fluids before embarking on a trip; buckle up and make sure your passengers do the same; reduce speed in snow, sleet, and rain; allow plenty of braking space in wet weather; lightly pump brakes on wet roads when slowing down; don’t take unplowed roads; and avoid distractions.

To make matters worse, the upcoming holidays coincide with the firearm deer season. Hunters will add to the number of drivers on the road during the high-travel holiday, and a large deer herd combined with high traffic creates a high probability for collisions. The best way to avoid such an accident is to slow down and drive cautiously while heeding deer crossing signs. Deer tend to travel together: if you see one, chances are others aren’t far behind.

In case you become stranded, always carry a map of the area, bring water, flashlights, and candles, and don’t forget your ice-scraper. Carry a package of kitty litter in case your car gets stuck for extra traction, make sure you have a spare tire, and bring a small shovel – just in case. Bundle up, carry an extra blanket in your car, and don’t leave home without matches and flares. Finally, a cell phone can go a long way to keeping you from freezing on the side of the road when your car breaks down.