Ancilla College Offers LPN to RN Bridge Program

Dr. Ron May
Dr. Ron May
Ancilla College is taking strides to offer the best educational experience available, and in that quest, the college has for the last four summers offered a program to help nursing students achieve the next level of certification.

Ron May, president of the college, said the class begins in the summer and offers a chance for those with a licensed practical nursing license to take the next step and earn their registered nursing license.

“It’s a way of moving from the licensed practical nursing licensure that people have in the state of Indiana into the registered nurse classification and it gives you an opportunity to have a little bit better salary and those kind of things. It’s a great program to enable young people, or perhaps not so young people, to move from one level of certification in the healthcare business to another and advance their career,” May said.

May said there are 20 seats in the class, and even though it begins in the summer, interested students should get in contact with the admissions office by calling 1-800-ANCILLA and get the process started to snag one of the seats. He said the sooner you call, the better, because there may be prerequisite classes available to prepare for the LPN to RN bridge program.

However, those with LPN licenses who are already employed may find it a challenge to balance their time between their full-time employment and the course. May said it is a demanding program that can dominate your time if you’re not careful.

“Those of you who just experienced care with healthcare know you want the best people you can get there, and you want people who know what they’re doing taking care of you. And so it is a demanding program; they can do that, but they need to understand going in that being a student in this LPN to RN bridge is like another full-time job,” May said.

Call the college at 1-800-ANCILLA as soon as possible if you are interested in bridging the gap between LPN and RN licenses.