Ancilla College Receives Generous Commitment From Anonymous Donor

Ancilla College is a recent recipient of a generous gift from an anonymous donor, providing an opportunity for others who may want to get into the giving spirit this year. President of the college, Ron May, told WKVI that they recently received a commitment from an anonymous donor who stated they would match, dollar-for-dollar, any donation received by the college until the end of 2014, up to $875,000.

May said the donation would add more than $600,000 to the operating budget and $265,000 to their endowment, and with the matching commitment, he said it would bring more than half a million dollars to the college’s endowment.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity for people who are contemplating end-of-year giving and even after the beginning of the year, but we are aggressively working with other donors to try to get other people to come in and help us take advantage of this big challenge that we’ve been given,” May said.

If you’re having trouble picking out a gift for someone, you can make a donation to the college in memory or honor of a person.

May said he’s excited about this opportunity to help the college change lives in Starke, Marshall and Pulaski counties.