Avoid Becoming a Victim of Theft Rowe Offers Advice

A chief deputy at the Starke County Sheriff’s Department has released a statement advising residents of a rash of daytime break-ins throughout the county and offered tips on how to avoid becoming a victim. Chief Deputy Brack Rowe said that while local law enforcement agencies in the county and the surrounding area have been making every attempt to stop and catch these thieves, there are still a number of steps residents can take to keep their belongings safe.

Rowe urges residents to make their home look occupied and difficult to break into by using motion sensitive lights on the exterior of the home, install deadbolt locks on all exterior doors, and keep your garage door, exterior door and windows locked, even when you are home.

In addition, installing special track locks on sliding glass doors and windows prevents them from being forced or pried open. Make sure valuables in your home are not visible from the street, and use blinds and drapes on windows to conceal these items.

Report suspicious people or activity to law enforcement immediately, and do what you can to reduce your own vulnerability and minimize the possibility that you could be a victim of such crimes.