Culver Park Board Dissolves Park Activities Director Position; Advertises for New Superintendent

The Culver Park Board held a special meeting on Dec. 20 and according to a published article in the Culver Citizen, the park activities director position was eliminated.

It was suggested that the Donna McKee’s contract be reviewed to see when the contract ends as she was hired as the park activities director in January. Board member Patty Stallings stated that when a new park superintendent is hired, park activities planning would be absorbed by that department head.

The board has approved advertisement for the park superintendent position. The article stated that Board member Rhonda Reinhold noted that she contacted the president of the Indiana Parks and Recreation Association for help in promoting the job opening.

A great portion of the meeting, according to this published report, was spent attacking the current superintendent, her position with the parks department and her inheritance of rather undesirable circumstances from a previous board. Discussion on a skating rink in the park was also involved but tabled until a later meeting held last week.