DNR: No Ice Is Safe Ice

Indiana Department of Conservation officers warn that no ice is safe ice at this time of the year.

Fishing, skating, hiking or just sliding around on frozen ponds and lakes may be fun, but it can also be deadly.

If you plan on going out onto a frozen lake or pond, remember that at least four inches of solid ice is recommended for ice fishing and five inches of ice is recommended for snowmobiling. Make sure you wear a life jacket or a floatation coat when out on the ice. Carry ice hooks and rope gear.

Ice can change from several inches thick to nearly open water within just a few feet. A fall into icy water can quickly result in hypothermia which can lead to catastrophic consequences if not treated immediately. If you witness a person fall through ice, call 911 immediately with clear and concise instructions on the location of the victim. Attempts to rescue a victim should begin only after calling 911.