INDOT and ISP Investigate Wire Thefts

The Indiana Department of Transportation and the Indiana State Police are fighting to keep metal thieves from costing the taxpayers money.

Metal scrappers are stealing wiring from highway light poles along the I-80/94 and I-65 corridors in Northwest Indiana. Over the last two years, state highway lighting wire theft has cost Indiana taxpayers more than $300,000 in repair and replacement costs.

This is expensive and the thefts create traffic hazards. Darkened highways threaten a driver’s safety.

INDOT and the Indiana State Police have been working together to catch the culprits to prevent future thefts.

Officials are asking for your help by reporting any activity to the Indiana State Police. If you see anyone around highway lighting poles, call 911 or 1-800-552-8917. Even if you see a person wearing official highway safety gear and a uniform, call the state police. Officers will investigate all individuals around lighting poles. If that person happens to be a highway worker, they will be asked to provide credentials or face arrest. Security cameras are also being utilized to catch thieves.