Knox Council Approves End-of-Year Transfers

Knox City Council
Knox City Council

The Knox City Council on Monday night hustled to get last-minute fund transfers out of the way before the holidays, ensuring that no city funds are in the negative. Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston advised the council that transfers were necessary in the general, motor vehicle highway, park and recreation, and the river boat revenue fund for the payment of vouchers.

Among the transfers was a $163,378.52 transfer in the general fund for the Board of Works to fund the city’s insurance share. A $6206.56 transfer from the fire department’s fire calls item was transferred to the gas, oil, tires and other item.

In the motor vehicle highway fund, a $3,900 transfer was approved from the labor item with $2300 going to the superintendent line item and $1600 going to labor.

In the park department, the council approved a tranfer of $912.11 from the equipment item, $700 from the picnic tables item, $2918.44 from the fencing item, and $996.85 from the official bond item to transfer a total of $6136.75 to the playground item.

The council also approved a $4636.53 transfer from the insurance item to the repair and maintenance item.