Knox Council Discusses Ideas for Park

Wythogan Park
Wythogan Park

The Knox City Council this week discussed a number of options to bring more money into the park department. Ray Stephenson with the park board told the council that they are considering charging a fee for children to use the fields for practices or games, and said a $5 charge per child would go a long way in funding some of the park’s maintenance.

He said the profits from the concession stand at the park have dropped and they are trying to find ways to bring that back up, such as charging a flat fee to rent the concession stand monthly. Mayor Rick Chambers mentioned the idea of having the concession stand open on a regular basis.

Stephenson said the concession stand currently charges 15 percent of the income generated, but umpire fees are taken out before they get their cut and the profits have been dropping steadily. He said he would like to charge $400 per month for people renting it to ensure a steady cash flow.

Chambers said he will run the ideas past the city attorney to see what can be done.