LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office Asking Burglary Victims to Reclaim Items

LaPorte County Sheriff's Department
La Porte County Sheriff’s Office
A string of residential burglaries in the LaPorte County area led police to conduct a raid that turned up a variety of electronics, including cellular telephones, handheld personal devices, laptops and even jewelry. Sgt. Andrew Hyneck with the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office said they are still trying to identify the owners of the recovered property.

The propery was recovered on Nov. 26 at a residence in rural Coolspring Township through a search warrant. The investigation remains open and ongoing as a collaborative effort between the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office and Michigan City Police Department. The goal remains to locate the victims and owners of the recovered property and return it to them.

Hyneck said there is one tip in particular he stresses to owners of electronics or other valuable items: keep your serial numbers.

“What we’re requesting people do is make sure that they record the serial numbers for all of their electronic devices, firearms, anything with value that comes with a serial number, and photos also help,” he said. “That way, if they become the victim of a theft, that makes it much easier to prove ownership, essentially, and get a successful prosecution.”

He said it is also encouraged to activate any kind of tracking devices on your equipment if it is stolen, such as “Find My iPhone” or similar apps.

Anyone who was a victim of a residential burglary near the LaPorte County area is encouraged to contact the detective assigned to their case.

“If they believe they may be a victim and live in that area, and are victims of a residential burglary, then they should contact the detective assigned to their case and they have the means to make communication with us and we can go through the property and compare it,” Hyneck said.