LaPorte Police Investigate Incident Involving Alleged Gun Fire


LaPorte City Police Department officers responded to a call of shots fired on Friday and all people at the scene denied any knowledge of the action, despite the location of the gun and spent casings found at the scene.

When officers arrived at 1083 E. State Road 2 near lot #806, two men standing outside ran into the home while one man stayed outside. Officers asked the man if he had heard any gunshots and he said that he hadn’t.

At that time, two men and a woman walked around from the back of the home. All three reportedly told police that they knew nothing of any gunshots fired. A .22 caliber round was spotted on the ground and all three people were checked for firearms. No firearms were located.

Three spent .22 casings were laying behind the trailer and a .22 caliber Ruger semi-automatic handgun was found by police after they were given permission to search the home. The gun was found under a bathroom sink. A child was sleeping in an adjacent bedroom when the gun was found.

No one would claim ownership of the gun and it was confiscated. A report was forwarded to Child Protective Services.