Marshall County Commissioners Approve Bond Increase

Marshall County Building Inspector Chuck DeWitt presented a revision to an ordinance to the commissioners Monday that sought to raise a contractor’s bond from $5,000 to $20,000.

Dewitt explained that this would only help homeowners in construction or remodeling projects. Recently, a code violation occurred in a project that would have made the dwelling unsafe and the contractor was only bonded for $5,000. The work that needed to be redone exceeded $15,000. That was additional money to come out of the homeowner’s pocket. Dewitt said this ordinance would better aid the homeowner in case a similar incident occurs.

Dewitt said the bonding agencies would not change the fee just because the county would require a $20,000 bond.

The commissioners noted that the bond increase was to protect the homeowners and not punish contractors. The building inspector noted that he spoke to local residents, members of the Marshall County Building Administration and contractors who were in full support of this ordinance.

A public hearing was held regarding the bond increase and no member of the public made a statement regarding the ordinance.

The commissioners approved the ordinance on the first reading and suspended the rules and approved the ordinance on all three readings so it goes into effect immediately.